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Three of the Largest Annual Native American Conferences

While the economic development efforts of tribes are quickly growing, Native Americans have long had annual events where industry professionals gather. There are events for Native American physicians, lawyers, financial officers, etc. There is even an annual event and association for Native American administrative assistants. Presented are three of the largest Native American professional gatherings […]


Selecting a Business Accounting Software? Consider These Top Tips!

Those days when business accounting involved manual jotting down of figures in a ledger are thankfully long gone. Nowadays, many accounting software are already available to cater to the unique and various accounting needs of businesses.¬† These¬†accounting software are designed to minimize (if not totally eradicate) human errors that often occur when things are done […]


Tips for Planning Your Business Startup

Starting a business can be a very daunting adventure if a proper plan is not put in place. Most entrepreneurs start up their businesses without putting adequate plans in place to succeed. No wonder one out of every five businesses crumbles within 5 years! If one thing should be taken very seriously, it should be […]


Accounting Courses and Careers

Accounting courses are comprised of the study of all phases of accounting: auditing, cost accounting, both corporate and individual taxation. In addition, such courses include instruction in the usage of accounting information systems. Should you be considering a career in this field, you must pursue a four year degree at the minimum and more if […]

Summits & Conferences

What’s the Difference Between a Seminar, Workshop and Conference?

Seminars, workshops, conference, symposia, user conferences, summits — the type of events you can host are varied. Choosing the right description for your event is critical because it communicates volumes about the type of experience your participants can expect. To ensure that you’re fully leveraging the marketing power of your event title, select the type […]